ARGO @ Bloomberg's Data Science for Good (D4GX) & BIG APPS!

ARGO has been upto a lot this past month. Patrick & Drew Atwater were selected to present at the Climate panel for Bloomberg's Data for Good Exchange  which brought folks from across the globe demonstrating how data science can be an immense force for good and especially in cities where we are witnessing a boom in Urban Science towards a civic data science. 

ARGO was also selected to present a poster illustrating SQUID ! This was a great opportunity for us to dust off from all the soldering and data wrangling and put out a glossy (actually matte) presentation of our work and results. 

The exposure was great and there was some good rapid-fire QnA which refined the way we present our work to the outside world. 

SQUID poster at Bloomberg's D4GX - Click for full version -  Full Paper here

SQUID poster at Bloomberg's D4GX - Click for full version - Full Paper here

As of last week - we submitted SQUID & LEARNR to NYC BIG APPS, 2015. This is yet another awesome opportunity for us to to seek feedback and validation of our work. As part of the BIG APPS launch - we are happy to report that we have successfully completed a pilot with NYC SCOUT (Street Quality Observation Unit) at the Mayor's Office of Operations. We were able to mount 2 devices on 2 separate vehicles for over a week.

The data we collected was immense in that period of time! Close to 130,000 distinct readings and images. 65,000 of those were > 5mph which we immediately learnt was a good filter to implement. Thats over 450 miles of center lane miles of street quality imagery that we will now use as a training set to develop robust image processing models that is able to identify street defects from imagery. 

We wholeheartedly THANK Tina, Jamal and their heroic SCOUT drivers who drive around 6000 miles of NYC streets every month to report observations from the field.

Map showing the results from our pilot with NYC SCOUT. Close to 400+ miles of street quality data

BIG APPS submissions for:  SQUID & LEARNR

Here is a video we shot for SQUID where I end up sounding like the Oxyclean guy ;) Gotta do what we gotta do! Thanks for all kind words and support.

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