Advanced Research in Government Operations

A rapid prototyping lab for cities that focuses on delivery of the civic data science framework through device, data and decision-making.

Pioneering new methods of delivering basic public services.

ARGO is a startup nonprofit that builds, operates and maintains pioneering data infrastructure to transform how basic public services like street quality, water reliability, and education volunteering are delivered.

Our mission is to leverage advances in new digital tools to help municipalities deliver public services more efficiently, effectively and imaginatively.  In that spirit, we have embarked on the following projects:

Street Quality Identification Device

Street Quality Identification Device or "SQUID" combines a Raspberry Pi microcomputer with an accelerometer, GPS and a  camera to passively collect street surface quality data and provide a visual ground truth for municipal street inspection across the entire city.  This project was supported by the Knight Foundation Prototype Fund and we have completed a pilot project with the city of Syracuse, NY.

SQUID In detail here

Team SQUID at Bloomberg's Data for Good Exchange, 2016

Team SQUID at Bloomberg's Data for Good Exchange, 2016

California Data Collaborative

The California Data Collaborative ("CaDC") is a coalition of water utilities working together to pioneer new data infrastructure that supports water managers in meeting their reliability objectives.   More

California State Senator Robert M. HertzBerg (L)
California Data Collaborative Project Manager, Patrick Atwater (R)


A civic engagement platform to  create  a seamless volunteering experience and integrate civic actions routinely. We envision this as a well designed mobile app that connects skilled volunteers with educators & classrooms to offer a new pipeline of learning opportunities.  The overarching purpose is  to demonstrate how a digital matching platform can offer scalable, personalized learning experiences and move us beyond our one-size-fits-all factory like education system.