Advanced Research in Government Operations

A rapid prototyping lab for cities that focuses on delivery of the civic data science framework through device, data and decision-making.

Pioneering a new public administration paradigm

Our mission is to  bridge the worlds of public administration and data science by demonstrating how to deliver public services more efficiently, effectively, and imaginatively.  In that spirit, we have embarked on the following projects:

Street Quality Identification Device

Street Quality Identification Device mashes up a Raspberry Pi with an accelerometer, GPS and a  camera to passively collect street surface quality and underlying imagery. The intent is to deploy SQUID on city-owned fleet vehicles  and build a citywide map of potholes amongst other street quality issues.


A civic engagement platform to  create  a seamless volunteering experience and integrate civic actions routinely. We envision this as a well designed mobile app that connects skilled volunteers with educators & classrooms to offer a new pipeline of learning opportunities.  The overarching purpose is  to demonstrate how a digital matching platform can offer scalable, personalized learning experiences and move us beyond our one-size-fits-all factory like education system


Pioneering a new water usage data collaborative across utilities, NGO’s and academics to take water conservation to the next level.  This work scales the data parsing pipeline we built for one progressive Southern California utility and ongoing econometric turf rebate evaluation.